The 7th Pad Yatra - Holy Places

Participants1200 yatris
LocationVaranasi, Bodh Gaya, Rajgir & Kushinagar
SummaryPlains / 780km / 30 days
Period1-30 Nov 2014

1200 participants joined in the Eco Pad Yatra, walking close to 780km, visiting the holy places of Buddha in the Indian states of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. The journey lasted a month from 1st to 30th November 2014, began in Vararasi and concluded in Lucknow.

The launch of the Eco Pad Yatra also featured a Cricket match as a part of the Ganga-Gomti Cricket league, a T-20 match was played between monks of the Drukpa order playing as Drukpa XI, with the Varanasi XI, a team featuring local cricketers, journalists, lawyers and prominent citizens, the finals of the Ganga-Gomti cricket league took place in Lucknow on the 30th of November at the end of the Eco Pad Yatra.

The Gyalwang Drukpa Arrives In Varanasi for the 7th Eco Pad Yatra

Opening Day of the 7th Eco Pad Yatra

Conclusion of the 7th Eco Pad Yatra

2018 Odisha Pad Yatra

A Pad Yatra is not only a physical journey, but also an inner journey of transformation. When you are mindful of the detail, you notice the light come into the sky at sunrise, and how good the first sip of tea in the morning tastes. So find your own Pad Yatra, if you can – it will be the best workout that you can give your mind.

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