The 6th Pad Yatra - Sri Lanka

ParticipantsMore than 1000 yatris
LocationSri Lanka
SummaryPlains / 500km / 30 days
Period2013 Mar to Apr

Between 5th March and 5th April 2013, more than 1000 participants joined in Sri Lanka to begin an epic walking journey, promoting peace and eco-friendly way of living. This was the first pad yatra outside of India and a state visit well arranged by the Sri Lankan government.

As an expression of appreciation and friendship, the Gyalwang Drukpa gifted Sri Lanka a rare bone relic of Buddha Shakyamuni. The description is as follows:

The Buddha's relic, a gift from His Holiness the Gyalwang Drukpa and the Drukpa Order, has safely landed in Sri Lanka. His Eminence Gyalwa Dokhampa, representing His Holiness, together with Mr. Lalith Weeratunga (President's secretary), Mr. Dullas Alahapperuma (Minister of Youth Affairs), Mr. Lalith Piyum Perea (Chairman of National Youth Council) and members of the Ministry of External Affairs, received the relic with reverence. The relic is now enshrined at the auditorium at the National Youth Center in Colombo, awaiting the handover ceremony. 14 monks from the Central Monastic Body of Bhutan are also assisting in the process. A brief history is as follows: After Buddha Shakyamuni passed into Mahaparinirvana, his relics were divided among his disciples and kingdoms. A collection of the most precious bone relics became the priceless treasure of Nalanda University. In the 11th century, Indian pandit Naropa, the key master at the Northern Gate of Nalanda, was offered these precious relics. He gave them along with his own Six Bone Ornaments and many other priceless relics to Marpa, his chief disciple who came to him from Tibet to receive teaching. Marpa passed these relics along with the Six Ornaments to his own chief disciple, Ngokton Choku Dorje, who had to safe keep these relics until seven generations later, so that they would be returned to the"rightful owner". As prophesied, Ngok's descendent returned these treasures to Naropa's very own reincarnation, the 2nd Gyalwang Drukpa. Since then, successive reincarnations of the Gyalwang Drukpa have been the guardians and keepers of the precious relics. His Holiness the Gyalwang Drukpa and the Drukpa Order have decided to present the largest among these bone relics to the government and people of Sri Lanka for upholding the Universal Truth, Peace, Harmony and Happiness. This relic will be presented to Sri Lanka at the conclusion of the Sri Lanka Peace Pad Yatra led by His Holiness the Gyalwang Drukpa and participated by monks and nuns from across the Himalayas as well as students from across the world.

Sri Lanka Peace Pad Yatra to Begin


The Peace Pad Yatra Begins


The Peace Pad Yatra in Sri Lanka - Part 1


The Peace Pad Yatra in Sri Lanka - Part 2

The Peace Pad Yatra in Sri Lanka - Part 3


The Peace Pad Yatra in Sri Lanka - Part 4


The Peace Pad Yatra in Sri Lanka - Part 5


A Gift of Peace to the People of Sri Lanka


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