The 1st Pad Yatra - Holy Places

Participants200 yatris
LocationHoly Places of Buddha
SummaryNepal to India / 500km /45 days

His Holiness the Gyalwang Drukpa took with him 9 Rinpoches and 180 nuns and monks on a 500km Pad Yatra in the holy places of Lord Buddha in 2006. This was the first part of 1200km walking journey, visiting the eight holy places of Buddha. The second part of the journey took place in 2007.

This would be a historic trial run of what eventually became an annual program to promote environmentalism, education and gender equality.

The 1st Pad Yatra in 2006

2018 Odisha Pad Yatra

A Pad Yatra is not only a physical journey, but also an inner journey of transformation. When you are mindful of the detail, you notice the light come into the sky at sunrise, and how good the first sip of tea in the morning tastes. So find your own Pad Yatra, if you can – it will be the best workout that you can give your mind.

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